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Austin Rose Cuddle with Me Orange & Lemongrass - 6.5oz (Pack of 3)

  • $59.99
  • $49.99

A revitalizing blend of sweet, radiant Orange is combined with refreshing, energetic Lemongrass in this candle. 
Invigorating Lemongrass comes together with vibrant Orange to dispel harmful emotions, clear your personal atmosphere of negative influences and eliminate odors all in one little tin. 
The light sweet citrusy scent generates a sense of well-being to help naturally relax, soothe stress and relieve anxiety. 

2.7 oz. Small - up to 15 hour burn time 
6.5 oz. Large - up to 40 hour burn time 

* Travel size tins 
* Essential Oils 
* Authentic Aromatherapy 
* Allergy Friendly 
* Soy Vegetable 
* Natural Cotton Wick 
* No Lead 
* Burns brightly without smoking unlike traditional wax candles 

* Hand Made in the USA!

* Soy Vegetable 
* Natural Cotton Wick 
* No Lead 

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