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Kan Herb Company, Bupleurum and Kudzu Clearing (vet) - 120 Tablets

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Dispels Wind Cold invasions that turns to Wind Heat as they pass from the Tai Yang to the Yang Ming, or from the Wei to the Qi level. 

-Occasional stiffness of extremities
-Dry nasal passages; occasional neck and back pain
-Occasional neck and back pain, muscle and joint inflammation
-Increased thirst, heat intolerance, eye redness, irritability & restlessness
-Supports a healthy nervous system and spinal cord

Direction of use as a dietary supplement, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts:


Please consult your health professional.


Pinyin Name
-Common Name

Chai hu
-Bupleurum root

Du huo
-Pubescent angelica root

Huang qin
-Chinese skullcap root

Ge gen
-Kudzu root

Bai shao
-White peony root

Qiang huo
-Notopterygium root & rhizome

Hong zao
-Red jujube fruit

Sheng shi gao

Bai zhi
-Fragrant angelica root

Jie geng
-Platycodon root

Gan jiang
-Ginger rhizome

Gan cao
-Chinese licorice root and rhizome

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