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Kan Herb Company, Jade Pearl 1 Liquid - 2 Ounces

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PCOS with Weight Gain

Focus of Treatment:
-Tonigy Kidney and Spleen function to resolve Damp
-Expel Phlegn Damp accumulation
-Clear Chong and Ren channel obstruction

Direction of use as a dietary supplement , or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts:


Fu ling
Cang zhu
 (Cang-zhu actractylodes rhizome)
Fa ban xia
 (Pinellia rhizome (licorice cured))
Chen pi
 (Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit)
Zao jiao ci
 (Gleditsia spine)
Bu gu zhi
 (Psoralea fruit)
Yin yang huo
 (Epimedium herb)
Shan yao
 (Chinese yam rhizome)
Dan shen
 (Chinese salvia root and rhizome)
Sha ren
 (Chinese amomum fruit)
Dan nan xing
 (Arisaema rhizome (prepared))
Zhe bei mu
 (Zhejiang fritillary bulb)
Shu di huang
 (Rehmannia root (prepared))
Gui zhi
 (Chinese cinnamon twig)
Fo shou
 (Finger citron fruit)

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