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Kan Herb Company, Jade Restraint Liquid - 2 Ounces

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Heavy periods from Hormonal Imbalance

Focus of Treatment
-Dispel Blood stasis
-Clear Heat in the Blood
-Support the Spleen to hold the Blood in the vessels
-Reinforce Blood to make good the loss

Direction of use as a dietary supplement,  or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts:


Huang qi
 (Astragalus root)
Yi mu cao
 (Siberian motherwort herb)
Sheng di huang
 (Rehmannia root (raw))
Zhi he shou wu
 (Polygonum multiflorum root (processed))
Pu huang tan
 (Bulrush pollen (charred))
Tian qi
 (Tienchi ginseng root)
Dang gui shen
 (Dong quai root)
Mu xiang
 (Saussurea root)

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