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Kan Herb Company, Strengthen Earth Liquid (Spleen) - 1 Ounce

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This formula promotes and mediates the complex and sometimes conflicting tendencies of the Spleen and Stomach by tonifying Qi, dispersing Qi and Moisture, warming Yang, dispelling Heat and countering prolapse

Indications (Symptoms):
-Supports digestive health, augmenting assimilation by relieving occasional slow or incomplete digestion of foods
-Helps reduce occasional weakness, fatigue, and lethargy accompanied by abdominal distention, bloating, belching, flatulence
-Supports a healthy urinary tract and digestive system, relieves occasional constipation or diarrhea
-Eases menstrual disharmony
-Reduces occasional soreness and tenderness of muscles, with easy bruising
-Aids in relieving occasional sensation of heaviness in the head, body, and limbs, or of being waterlogged
-Soothes PMS characterized by intense cravings for sweet and starchy foods, sluggishness, puffiness, increased urinary frequency, feeling overwhelmed by details
-Helps maintain a healthy body weight

Direction of use as a herbal supplement, adults take 2-3 Squirts, 2-4 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

1 squirt= 1-2 dropperful= 30 drops= approx 1ml.

Supplement Facts:


2-3 Squirts, 2-4 times per day
1 squirt= 1-2 dropperful= 30 drops= approx 1ml.


Pin Yin Herb
 -Common Name
Huang qi
 -Astragalus root
Fu ling
Yi yi ren
 -Jobs tears seed
Bai zhu
 -White atractylodes rhizome
Zhi ke
 -Bitter orange mature fruit
Fang feng
 -Siler root
Mu xiang
 -Vladimiria root
Gan cao
 -Chinese licorice root
Hong zao
 -Red jujube fruit
Gan jiang
 -Dried ginger rhizome
Lian qiao
 -Forsythia fruit
Hei zao
 -Black jujube fruit
Water: 55% to 65% by volume
Alcohol: 18% to 22% by volume
*To evaporate alcohol, place drops in hot water

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