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MiracleCorp, Gimborn Single Cat Grass Plus - 2.11 Ounces

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Our Unique Formula Requires Watering Only Once, And Grows Straight From The Container.

  • Cat Grass Plus Helps Cat'S Natural Digestive System And Also Acts A Natural Hairball Remedy.
  • Grass Grows In Just One Week.

Cat A'bout Natural Care Products    

        Bring the great outdoors inside, safely    

            Though cats are carnvores, they have craved fresh greens for ages. Whether you have an indoor, or outdoor cat you have no doubt seen them nibbling greenery on more than one occasion.        

        What are some of the benefits of cat grass?    

            Cat grass has fiber which can aid in digestion. For cats with sensitive bellies, or to help rid their stomach of indigetible items (like hairballs), cat grass can induce vomiting and settle their digestive system. Cat grass contains niacin and B vitamins which are good dietary supplements.        

            Cat grass is a non-toxic, safe alternative to poisonous plants, or chemically treated lawns.

Water as needed to sprout. Allow pet to nibble as desired
Ingredients Wheat or oat seed, vermiculite and Plantagel (potassium propenoate and propenamide copolymers). Plantagel is a non-toxic water absorption agent.

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