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Panaxea International, RE)COVER - 60 capsules

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RE)COVER helps with stress and adrenal collapse. It regulates cortisol levels / HPA axis and improves physical & mental performance by inhibiting cortisone conversion and also enhances cortisol synthesis. It increases DHEA and deoxycorticosterone levels. It blocks the conversion of cortisol to cortisone thereby sustaining the anti-inflammatory effects of cortisol. It also has antidepressant-like and anxiolytic-like activities.*

Adrenal collapse (AC) is different from adrenal exhaustion/fatigue (AF). AC is a collection of signs and symptoms most commonly associated with intense or prolonged stress. Adrenal collapse is when the adrenals no longer produce adequate levels of cortisol, an important hormone acting as an anti-inflammatory.The levels of both the sex hormones and the stress hormones non-existent in AC.*




Helps improve physical & mental performance*

Supports memory and cognitive function*

Promotes strength and vitality*


Suggested Use: 2-3 Capsules daily.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Eleuthero (root & rhizome) Eleutherococcus senticosa (Ci Wu Jia)(contains: standardized Eleutherosides B+E)
140 mg
American ginseng (root) Panax quinquefolius (Hua Qi Shen) (contains standardized ginsenosides (Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd, Re, Rf and Rg1))
76.6 mg
Ashwaghandha (Withania somnifera contains: standardized 8% withanolides)
60 mg
Rhodiola rosea (Hong Jing Tian) (contains: standardized 8% rosavins)
60 mg
Chinese licorice (root & rhizome) Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Gan Cao) (contains: standardized glycyrrhetinic acid)
163.4 mg

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